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Winter Fishing Tent ProMarine Cube is the best accessory in winter fishing in adverse weather conditions. You can set up or pack your tent in less than half a minute. Without this tent, fishing for smelt at night becomes difficult. Reliable protection against wind, protection from snow, cold, frosting and so on. During the day, the bright color of the tent walls will let in enough light and you will not need additional light sources. A darker roof will collect little sunlight. The material of the tent is covered on the inside with a special heat-reflecting material and acts as a thermos. Three-layer windows (dark curtain, transparent PVC or mesh) will allow you to adapt the tent to the conditions and needs. The opening side further expands the use of the tent. In better weather, you can keep your side open, socialize with friends, or see what’s going on around you. When conditions change, the side can be closed quickly and detached from strong winds or cold.